Blue Light Blocking Glasses to filter out the harmful light

Do my Kids need Blue light blocking glasses?

These days it became common for us to hand our kids a smartphone or a tablet to give ourselves a well-deserved few minutes of peace. Undoubtedly, these digital gadgets are becoming virtual nannies that promise to keep the kids busy with online fun games and videos while us parents relax or do the household chores.

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According to the Optometrists Org About 50 percent of people are suffering from digital eye strain, which is a worrying figure especially for parents with kids. So, let's take a look at the negative impact of electronic gadgets and understand why Blue light blocking glasses are a must to protect your children's eyes.

What is the Blue Light in Digital Gadgets?

Most digital gadgets’ screens have LED backlight, which makes the visuals quite bright and vivid. These gadgets emit blue light, which has a high-energy spectrum range and a short wavelength. It is extremely intense and the long exposure to it can cause long-term damage to the eyes. The symptoms might not be visible in the early phase, but they can be critical if left unnoticed.

According to Harvard Health, your sleep suffers if you use digital devices at night. The research also states that this sleep disruption can lead to various diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and obesity to name a few.

The Symptoms of the Digital Eye Strain in Kids:

Another study shows that kids who spend excessive time staring at screens are more likely to suffer from Computer Vision Syndrome. Due to the continuous exposure to electronic gadgets, your child might experience some signs that can be alarming. The initial signs of the digital eye strain are as follows:

  • Irritation in the eyes.
  • Dryness in the eyes and prolonged strain because of reduced blinking while continuously staring at the same point.
  • Early-onset of the macular degeneration.

Certainly, technology and electronic devices are becoming inevitable gadgets, and one cannot do without them! However, we can limit its harmful effects by making smart choices . For instance, Blue light blocking glasses promises to effectively protect the eyes from the digital eye strain

Where to Buy Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

Kids with protective glasses

If you looking for Children’s glasses online at an affordable prices? We’ve got you covered with our great collection at bprotectedstore. But before you buy kid's blue light glasses, you might want to know few important things, so the next section is for you!  

Is it Bad to Wear Blue Light Blocking Glasses all the Time?

If you are concerned about your kid wearing the Blue light blocking glasses all day long, there is some good news for you! It is okay to wear anti-blue light glasses throughout the day, and your child would not experience any adverse effects. Moreover, as online education has taken up in recent times, it can also be used as everyday glasses. 

Why Blue Light Blocking Glasses became Essential?

Excess of everything is always bad, and so is the case with exposure to the blue light radiations. Too much artificial blue light from gadgets before bedtime can cause difficulty for your child to fall asleep. Your kid might face blurred vision or headaches after constantly playing video games or watching movies. To reduce the harmful effects, anti-blue light glasses for kids are a must these days.

What are Few Things which Need to be Kept in Mind while Buying Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

So, if you have made the decision to buy blue light glasses for kids, there are a few things you need to consider :

Blue-Light Blocking Range

Always ensure that the glasses you buy can block at least 30% of the harmful blue light. 

Glasses Designed Specifically for Kids

Look for light weight, simple design frames that are easy to wear for all day comfort. Check out the most comfortable glasses for 4 year old which your child will love to wear!

Check Durability

Invest in high-quality material frames and anti-scratch lenses which can handle the little ones’ usage with minimum care.

The Glasses have a Decent Warranty

As these glasses will be worn daily, and on the off chance, the glasses might get scratches due to mishandling. So, make sure of buying the blue glasses for kids with a decent warranty!

Bonus Tips to Keep your Children's Eyes Healthy

The blue-light-blocking glasses are surely an excellent solution; however, there are a few other important tips to keep your kids' eyes healthy. Let's have a quick look:

Protect Your Eyes

Frequent Breaks

Ask your kids to follow the "20-20-20 rule," which means, every 20 minutes, stop staring at the digital screen for at least 20 seconds and shift the focus of eyes on something that is 20 feet away. According to a survey result published on Forbes, the 20-20-20 Rule practice helps reduce Screen Fatigue and enhances overall productivity.


Light stretching helps soothe muscle tension which usually causes eye, shoulder, back, and overall body aches. Stretching for a minute after every hour can offer great benefits. 

Bottom Line

In the modern era, regulating the consumption of artificial light is a major concern for parents. The usage of digital devices cannot be completely stopped, but the harmful effects of digital screens can surely be suppressed. If a small investment in blue light blocking glasses can protect your kid's eyes from harmful radiations, then why not go for it!

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our cool, high-quality, durable and affordable collection of the kid's anti-blue light glasses. If you are searching for light weight gaming glasses for kids or a pair of computer glasses for home schooling, has it all!

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