About Us

 At Bprotectedstore, we are a Melbourne based family working to provide our growing community of satisfied customers with an excellent and hassle free shopping experience.

We offer a simple solution to an issue we suffered from for years, having to work on our computers, tablets, phones and watching TV almost everyday.

we spent hundreds of dollars on eye drops, headache and sleep medications and one day we decided to find a better solution for that.

This is when we invested the time and effort to develop our Anti Blue Light Glasses collections.

When we tried them and felt the difference ourselves we wanted to offer this comfort to others and wanted our kids and their friends to enjoy their digital time without us closely monitoring their screen time and worrying for them.

Our Values:  our core values can be recognized in the high quality of our products, their affordability and our excellent customer service.

  • We design simple, useful solutions for our community's needs.
  • From design to final product and packaging, we strive for the highest quality.
  • Our focus is to always keep our product practical, simple, affordable and timelessly stylish.

We promise you will love your glasses, your kids will enjoy wearing theirs and if for any reason you are not satisfied, we will refund you your money back 100%.

Please check out our customer reviews below, or visit our Facebook and Instagram pages or drop us an email at : support@bprotectedstore.com if you have any questions.