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Can Blue Light Glasses Prevent Digital Eye Strain & How?

According to the report published by the Optometrists Org, more than 50% of people (including children and adults) are affected by Digital Eye Strain, also known as computer vision syndrome. Another study shows that nearly 70% of computer users suffer from computer vision syndrome or DES. Daily usage of TVs, phones, tablets and computers make our eyes work harder than ever. Provide all day protection to your eyes, alleviate visual fatigue and prevent inflammation with blue light glasses.

Digital eye strain is common in recent times as people spend a significant amount of time on their digital devices while working, entertaining, and connecting with their loved ones online. The condition has several symptoms, including blurred vision, dryness, tiredness, and soreness. In addition, the digital screens emit a blue light that affects your sleep cycle as it alters the body's circadian rhythm.

digital strain

Preventing digital eye strain requires taking essential steps such as working in proper lighting, maintaining distance from mobile devices, strategically placing the computer screen, and using computer protection glasses. 

What are Blue Light Glasses?

Blue light glasses are equipped with specially-made lenses that filter or completely block the blue light emitted from screens. Blue light is known to be the "high-energy visible light," which badly affects eyes. Digital screens emit blue light, and when our eyes get exposed to it consistently, it can be harmful.  

Wearing blue light glasses will protect you from those negative impacts such as headaches, eye strain, soreness, and related symptoms. These specially-crafted glasses can be used without an eyeglass prescription. However, if you already wear corrective lenses or contact lenses for improved vision, you will need a prescription from an expert. 

Why use Blue Light Glasses?

People do not realize the amount of stress their eyes go through when they sit in front of screens all day long. In addition, work from home and online schooling has increased the issue of eye strain. 

Kids With Gadgets

As computers and smartphones have become an essential part of our lives, it is impossible to avoid digital screens. So, the best option is to protect your eyes from the adverse effects caused by screens, and wearing blue light glasses is a good solution.

Blue light glasses are also known as computer protection glasses, and you should invest in them if your work involves staring at a screen for several hours daily. Moreover, the use of these computer protection glasses has increased in the past few years. People who wear these glasses have admitted that they feel better and their eyes feel less stressed. 

In addition, Forbes published that wearing blue-light glasses right before sleep leads to a sound sleep at night, a relaxed mind improves decision-making, and leads to enhanced productivity during the day. 

If you are looking for some more solid reasons to own blue light glasses, have a glance at the points below:

Reduced Eye Strain

People who are exposed to digital screens for longer hours experience eye muscles strain frequently.

As blue light starts to impact the eyes, the eyes are pushed to focus more, and this makes eye muscles work even harder. Wearing blue light glasses helps you focus better without putting any extra strain on eye muscles.

Reduced Risk of Eye Diseases

    Harmful light and ultraviolet rays are blocked by the eye lens and cornea in our eyes and do not reach the retina. However, blue light cannot be blocked in this way and starts damaging the retina. And it may further lead to macular degeneration.

    Wearing protective glasses will ensure that blue light does not reach your retina and you do not suffer from macular degeneration symptoms or cataract issues.

    Improved Sleep Cycle

      Exposure to short wavelengths releases melatonin which is a sleep hormone. This hormone automatically releases at night time. Prolonged exposure to a digital screen delays melatonin release, and you take longer to fall asleep. If you can't reduce screen time, then wearing protective blue light glasses is a good way to improve your sleep cycle.

      No more Migraines and Dry Eyes

        Increased exposure to blue light often triggers migraines. Also, dry eyes are another common issue faced by people who use digital devices for long hours. 

        When you concentrate more on a screen, you tend to blink very little, causing eye dryness. Flickering screens are even more troublesome, and wearing computer protection glasses can help reduce both problems. 

        What to Look for When Buying Blue-Light Blocking Glasses?

        Digital Strain PROTECTION

         Here are the key points to consider before buying blue light blocking glasses:

        Blue-light blocking range:

        Always ensure that the glasses you buy can block at least 30% of the harmful blue light. 

          Lens colour:

          These glasses come in various colours, such as golden, orange, or even red. The dark lenses tend to distort screen colours and brightness, whereas lighter shades are suitable for all day usage. 


            Blue-light blocking glasses are available for people of all ages. It is important to buy the one that fits you properly. 

              Prescription glasses:

              Do you wear prescription glasses and want to have blue-light blocking features? Don't worry! Nowadays, these computer protection glasses come with various options to match prescription strength. 


                While it's almost impossible to avoid digital screens nowadays, investing in computer protection glasses is a good idea to protect your eyes. It used to be hard to find the appropriate glasses according to your preferences or style, but not anymore! 

                Whether you are on a hunt for Women's Anti Blue Light Glasses or stylish gamer/computer protection glasses for men or kids, you will find everything at Explore our collection NOW! 

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