The Four Best Sunglasses for Kids

The Four Best Sunglasses for Kids

Many pediatric ophthalmologists recommend that kids wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from harmful UV rays. And most say that six months is the appropriate age to start. UV rays are electromagnetic radiation from the sun and cannot be seen. Kids receive more sunlight than adults on average, which is good. You're likely putting sunscreen on them because of increased awareness about how UV rays damage skin over time, but the eyes are just as susceptible, if not more.

Children's eyes remain in the developmental stage until the age of eight. They cannot filter out electromagnetic radiation as well as an adult. The eyelids and skin immediately around a child's eye are similarly weaker and should be protected by suitable coverage of appropriate kid's sunglasses.


Not all kid's sunglasses are made the same. It's tempting to purchase inexpensive sunglasses because children tend to play rough and they may not last long. But dollar-bin shades often do not meet our Australian safety standards or deliver adequate protection. At Bprotectedstore we researched and developed a range of baby and Kids sunglasses that focus on both durability and security in mind. Our kids sunglasses are developed following the Cancer Council's recommendations and meet Australia and New Zealand safety standards AS/NZS 1067:1:2016 for UV400 Lenses. They offer 100% UVA and UVB protection and are crafted with materials that resist breaking when kids are kids. Suppose you want to help prevent long-term eye problems that could occur in adulthood, such as cataracts, macular degeneration, blurred vision, and other vision impairments. In that case, Bprotectedstore is your go to in Australia for protective eyewear that won't break the bank.

When it comes to value for money, we believe our sunglasses for kids are the best on the market. This summer, make sure the invisible radiation threat doesn't dampen the fun by purchasing one of our four best sellers and parent and kids favorite sunglasses.

Two Best Baby Sunglasses For 0-2 Years.

Mina - Polarized Baby Sunnies in Glossy Turquoise Frame



Every baby looks adorable in turquoise. Our  Mina - Polarized Baby Sunnies in Glossy Turquoise Frame for babies look fabulous but have even better features for added protection from the sun and their own destructive ways. The first is that they are lightweight, comfortable, and have an elastic strap to prevent sliding or taking off by the baby. These sunglasses for kids under two years of age are the best for getting them accustomed to wearing them in the future. Flexible and sturdy, they won't break from head and hand motions, and your child will forget they are there after a while.

These turquoise frames from our Mina collection also have polarized lenses. While all sunglasses protect from UV rays, polarized lenses are made with different techniques. Polarized lenses filter out glare much better than standard lenses. Glare can bounce off surfaces like water, ice, and snow and produce short-term side effects of UV light like photokeratitis. LED lights and LCD screens also glare that can cause headaches – which polarized lenses reduce.

Mina - Polarized Baby and Newborn Sunglasses in Matte Peach Frame

The Matte Peach Frame is yet another unisex option in the Mina collection of sunglasses for kids under two.
 They have several features perfect for giving your baby the comfort and protection they need:

100% UVA and UVB protection

Polarized Anti-Glare for maximum eye comfort

Comfortable, durable, and flexible silicon frame

Complemented with a matching elastic strap for maximum safety, comfort and style.

All our Baby Sunglasses were designed according to the Cancer Council's recommendations and meet Australia and New Zealand safety standards AS/NZS 1067:1:2016.

 Mina sunglasses for babies are also available in black and navy blue.

Two Best Kids Sunglasses For Ages 3-6

Children between ages three and six have their unique challenges and growing pains. Eye development is a part of that, and while they are much stronger now than they were, they still need adequate protection from our harsh Australian UV rays. Our Sosy collection comes in lovely styles which look great on every kid and also provide the desired sun-defense kids need.

Sosy - Children Sunglasses in Deep Caramel Frame



Unique colors are hard to find in sunglasses for kids. These Deep Caramel frames are in a tone that pairs well with many of your child's outfits that previously resisted accessorizing.

Sosy - Kids and Toddlers Sunglasses in Mustard Frame



Another great look for the spring and summer is our Mustard Frame Sosy sunglasses for kids and toddlers. All of the sunglasses in our Sosy collection are designed specifically for safety and comfort. We use UV400 protection lenses in a lightweight, flexible and sturdy frame, providing 100% protection against the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Sosy Collection is perfect outdoor eyewear for any activity. At the beach or the park, their durability is suited to your child's active lifestyle and resist breaking or scratching. Other colors for the Sosy Collection include peach, aqua, and latte.

Letting your child choose their frames is an excellent tip for getting them to love and wear them.

It can be challenging to get children to consider their eye health and development or see the necessity of wearing sunglasses on their faces. However, starting as early as possible is the best way to instill good habits early and avoid the harmful impacts of our Australia harsh sun.

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