The Best Sunnies for Babies

The Best Sunnies for Babies

Many pediatric ophthalmologists recommend baby sunnies for babies as young as six months. It’s not hard to see why. Children’s eyes are in their developmental stage for the first eight years of their life, and the sun’s UV rays affect them much more than adults. This can lead to degeneration over time and permanent vision issues in adulthood. If there is a history of vision problems in their family, they may need even more protection than other babies.

But baby sunglasses are notoriously tricky for babies to accept. It is a slow process that takes a lot of patience on your part . Many cheaply made baby sunglasses are not durable enough to stand up to the abuse that young ones put them through, and it’s easy to give up altogether. Baby sunnies from the Bprotectedstore were made to protect baby’s eyes and make your job easier. They also come in lovely styles for both boys and girls and at prices that are accessible to everyone.

Bprotectedstore Mina Baby Sunnies

Mina Collection of Baby Sunglasses

Our Mina Collection comes in unisex styles and colours that include black, navy, Turquoise and matte peach. All of them are made with polarized lenses. Polarized baby sunnies are an excellent choice for developing eyes because it isn’t only direct sunlight that carries harmful UV rays. The glare bouncing off of water, snow, and other surfaces can cause your child’s eyes to strain and potentially lead to them getting headaches.

One feature that parents will significantly benefit from is the elastic strap for keeping these baby sunnies on their child’s face comfortably. Most babies dislike wearing eyewear, but the strap prevents them from coming off, and your child will eventually forget they are there due to their lightweight. The frames are  flexible, durable and resist breaking – saving you money and adding to their value.
They also were developed following the Cancer Council's recommendations and meet Australia and New Zealand safety standards AS/NZS 1067:1:2016for UV400 Lenses.

Bprotectedsotre Sosy Kids Sunglasses


Sosy Collection of Kids Sunnies

Sosy collection fits toddlers from three to six years of age, The Deep Caramel frames one are adorable and pair well with many of your baby’s clothes. You’ll find other great colors too for spring and summer including aqua, peach, latte, and mustard. 

The Sosy collection of kids sunnies has features you won’t find in others at the same price. Our UV400 Children Sunglasses Offer:

✅ 100% UVA and UVB protection

✅ Lightweight, comfortable and durable frame

Developed following the Cancer Council's recommendations and meet Australia and New Zealand safety standards AS/NZS 1067:1:2016for UV400 Lenses.

Protect Your Baby’s Eyes Today For Better Vision Tomorrow

Baby sunnies are an essential tool in giving your child the best advantages in their development. Getting them used to wearing sunglasses now will also help instill better habits as they grow. Check out all of our cute baby and kids sunnies collections at the Bprotectedstore.

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