Pandemic Screen Time and Blue Light Glasses

Pandemic Screen Time and Blue Light Glasses

What are Blue Light glasses?

Blue light glasses use uniquely designed lenses that filter or completely block the blue light emitted by Digital screens. Blue light is known to be "high energy visible light," which can severely affects the eyes and disrupt our sleep.

Using blue light glasses is proven to protect you from the negative effects of blue light like headaches, eye strain, and pain and resolve your associated symptoms. You can even use these glasses without any prescription. But, if you are already using corrective glasses or contact lenses for better vision, you will need a prescription from an optometrist.

What are The Reasons One Should Try Blue Light Glasses?

The increase in screen time during the COVID-19 pandemic and repeated lock downs has increased the world's need for preventable eye problems. It is therefore vital to understand the indications of excessive screen time and take immediate action. In addition, various people fear that too much exposure to blue light could permanently damage eyes or upsurge the danger of macular degeneration.

Are there any Side Effects of Using Blue Light Glasses?

No, absolutely not. Wearing blue light glasses won’t cause any problem to your eyes and you won’t face any problems with your vision in the long run.

The impact of excessive blue light exposure doesn't show up instantly, So it's always a good idea to Invest in computer or blue light blocking glasses that will protect your eyes from blue light emitted by digital screens to prevent those issues from occurring.

Top 3 Benefits of Blue-Screen/Blue-Light Glasses | For Eyes | Blog
If you are looking for some more solid reasons to own computer screen glasses, have a glance at the points below:

  • Reduced eye strain
  • Reduced risk of eye diseases
  • Improved sleep cycle
  • Less Headaches and migraines
  • No more dry eyes

Do blue light glasses work for better health?

Blue light glasses are treated to filter blue light to effectively block the transmission of a range of wavelengths emitted by the digital devices. Also, they will help you with the additional issues that you might notice looking at your computer all the time, including fatigue, dizziness, and the pressure that has built up in your eyes when looking at the screen.

Ultimately, blue light glasses can help you feel more comfortable and help you fall asleep easier after looking at an electronic screen all day.

How effective are blue light glasses?

Multiple users of those glasses have reported that blue light blocking glasses can relieve any discomfort or eye strain caused by digital screen usage, maintain macula health, and improve the quality of your sleep thus leading to an overall comfort and healthy life.

How Can I Avoid Digital Screen Time?

There are many eye problems that people can face due to screen time. There are several guidelines and protocols to stop the usage of screens all day from emitting an unsafe range of blue light. The quantity of blue light released from digital devices is more dangerous and can even damage the eye's retina. 

However, if you want to avoid digital eye strain, here are some recommended tips by the American Academy of Ophthalmology. 

  • Adjust the blue light and contrast settings on your digital screen
  • Increase the font size on your phone
  • Practice the 20/20/20 strategy
  • Take frequent breaks from mobile devices
  • Use eye drops to relieve dry eyes

 Besides, you can search online to buy protective blue light glasses

Now where to Buy Blue Light Glasses in 2022?

Blue light glasses

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In the last couple of years most of us moved to work from home, so our screen time has increased dramatically. there are chances you spend most of the day looking at a certain type of digital screen.

In that situation, investing in computer eye strain glasses is a good idea to relieve stress from your eyes and protect them.

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