How to clean blue glasses

How to Clean Blue Light Glasses

If you are used to spending multiple hours in front of a computer, laptop, or smartphone screen, there must have been the time when you felt some of the negative impacts of that. Blue light emitted from digital screens can be harmful, and many people started using special blue light glasses to prevent that. Apart from the benefits, how to clean blue light glasses is another thing all users must know. 

Clean the Glasses

The adverse effects of blue light on your eyes are well-known. It can cause blurred vision, itchy and dry eyes, disturb your sleep cycle, and much more. If you want your blue light glasses to offer proper protection and last for a long time, keeping them clean is essential. 

You may think that you can wipe off your glasses with your shirt or clothes, but that’s wrong. It will make your glasses dirty, smudged, and spotty. Keep on reading to know the best ways to clean glasses and keep them in a good condition. 

Use Dish Soap & Warm Water

For those wondering how to clean your glasses, using dish soap and warm water is an easy and effective way. Extremely cold or hot water can harm the lens coating and the frame of your glasses. Use lukewarm water and rinse your glasses with it. Put some dish soap on both lenses of your glasses and gently rub them to create foam. Spread the soap and foam on the frame as well. 

Use a toothbrush with soft bristles or a cotton swab to reach all crevices and edges of your glasses. Hard bristles are not recommended for wiping glasses because they damage and scratch the lens. After washing the glasses with soap, you need to rinse them and ensure nothing is left on the lenses. Repeat this process until the lens is completely clean. 

If any dust or debris is still stuck in your glasses, you can use a toothpick to clean all places carefully. After everything is done, take a microfiber cloth and use it to polish and dry your blue light glass frame, nose pad, and lenses. 

Use an Eyeglass Cleaning Solution

An eyeglass cleaning solution is another great fix for cleaning reading glasses, computer, or blue light ones. Most online stores, eyewear shops, pharmacies, supermarkets, etc., have these. The liquid solution in such cleaners helps in proper cleaning of your glasses. It is an easy-to-find and affordable product which anyone can purchase. 

Protect Your blue eyes


When purchasing the cleaning solution make sure you buy a cleaner that is safe to use on Blue Light lenses. The label of the solution will have all the information you need to know.

Just take your glasses and spray the cleaning solution on every part. When you properly spread the solution on your glasses frame, it will clean all debris and dust off its surface. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe off all the solution from your glasses until they are totally dry and clean. 

Try to Prevent Scratches & Remove Them Readily

We read how to properly clean glasses above, but sadly, if your blue light glasses get scratched, then it becomes an issue. Scratched glasses affect your lens’ resistance, affect vision, and reflect light unnecessarily. Scratch-less glasses are essential for proper protection and vision. Keep your glasses in their protective case when not in use and try to prevent scratches whenever possible. 

Multiple products are available that help reduce the visibility of scratches. These waxy substances have mixed results based on the depth and location of scratches.

While purchasing glasses, try to get one with strong scratch-resistance lenses or one which includes an anti-scratch warranty. 

Visit an Optical Store for Professional Cleaning

Some people do not get enough time to take care of their blue light glasses, and choosing professional help is the best choice for them. Visit any optical store and they should be able to help with that. Sometimes, lenses are perfect, but other parts of your glasses become difficult to clean. 

A professional eyeglass cleaner will know how to take care of glasses using the right tools and experience. He will use an ultrasonic glass cleaning machine for deep, perfect cleaning. Sometimes, old, dirty, and worn-out nose pads become yellow, and you can get them replaced from an optical store. 

Use a Protective Glass Case

Most people take off their blue light glasses when they are not in front of a digital screen. During work breaks, bedtime, etc., remove your glasses and keep them safe, so they don’t get scratched. Never place your glasses with lenses facing down as they will get dirty or scratched. 

Blue light protection

Use a strong and durable protective case to store your glasses when not in use. The case should be clean else, there is no use of using it. If you don’t have a protective case, keep your glasses somewhere safe with open temples. Be careful that you do not drop your glasses lens down, or they may break. A protective glasses case helps keep your glasses both clean and safe. 


Keeping your blue light glasses clean is as important as personal hygiene. The glasses will not function properly if they get dirty or scratched. Protecting your glasses and cleaning them regularly is vital to make sure they protect our eyes from harmful effects for long. Never compromise with your health, and make sure your glasses are in perfect condition at all times. 

For those who wanted to know how to clean glasses, we talked about some of the best methods above. Dirty glasses will not function properly, and they can harm our eyes and vision. To buy the best quality blue light glasses, you should visit and take a look at our incredible collection. 

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