Do Kids Benefit From Blue Light Glasses?

Do Kids Benefit From Blue Light Glasses?

For kids, blue light glasses have filters in their lenses that block “blue light” – a shorter wavelength with more energy than other colors. Blue light is found in all digital screens such as smartphones, TVs, LED lights, and some of the most common artificial lights in our life today, including in your home.

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The Sun’s UV rays are a type of blue-violet light. Ultraviolet light has substantially more energy than blue light and can hurt your eyes over time. But blue light is suspected of silently causing vision problems. most research have concluded that constant exposure to blue light causes damage to the retina, the part of the eye necessary for detecting color, and sensitivity to light. Everyone is susceptible to adverse reactions to blue light exposure, from children to seniors. Our collection of kids blue light glasses at Bprotectedstore are developed to protect your children whose eyes are still developing.

Kids Blue Light Glasses Help With Common Symptoms Of Exposure


Blue light glasses for kids come in many colors and styles. Children get more screen time from tablets, phones, and TVs than adults nowadays. LED lights are also almost everywhere and make blue light glasses for kids essential for their protection from the negative impact of blue light exposure. Some of the most common symptoms that blue light glasses for kids can prevent are:

  • Eye strain - this happens because the eyes will compensate by working harder to focus on objects showing on a digital screen.
  • Headaches - kids sometime complain from headaches induced by the glare of overhead LED lights in classrooms. 
  • Blurry vision - blurred vision is familiar with eye fatigue.
  • Dry eyes - Dry eyes happen from staring at screens too long because the blue light causes an imbalance in the eyes and hinders them from self-moisturizing.
  • Disrupted sleep - the circadian rhythm is disrupted because of blue light. The mind will be tricked into thinking it’s the day when trying to sleep at night and resist falling asleep.
During our product research and development phase we worked hard to address these issues by offering stylish blue light glasses for kids of all ages to allow them to enjoy their digital time without the negative impact, our Tut Kids Blue Light glasses fits perfectly children between six and ten years of age while our Noura Blue Light Glasses are for younger kids four to nine years old.

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