Do Babies Need Sunglasses

Are baby sunglasses necessary?

Sunglasses are the perfect accessory for your little one for that perfect snap on a sunny day or at the beach. They are such a cute addition and can be a fun extra accessory for the summer. But the sunglasses you should choose should not only be fashionable but also provide the proper protection for their delicate eyes all year round.

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Australian sun rays are one of the harshest, increasing the risk of macular degeneration, ocular melanoma, and cataracts later in life. Therefore, having the right pair of baby sunglasses should be one of your top priorities for your baby’s protection.

Do Babies Need Sunglasses?

Babies and Children love their outdoor activities and the earlier their young eyes are protected against UV radiation the better. so definitely yes, they need sunglasses. And the best ones are the ones that can offer 100% UV protection.

Children below the age of ten have very delicate eyes because, until that time, their eyes are still developing. As a result, the lens of a baby's eye cannot filter out ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun.

It means that greater amounts of visible harmful ultraviolet rays can enter their eyes, making kids more vulnerable to damaged retinas and other vision problems.

As per the (AAP) American Academy of Paediatrics report –"Infants and children below the age of 10 age are at high risk for retinal injury as their eyes are more vulnerable to damage from blue and UV rays." 

babies in proper sunglasses are not just cute! They are also protected against the harmful UV rays and their negative impacts.

What are Polarized Sunglasses? 

Polarized sunglasses eliminate intense glare resulting from light reflecting off surfaces such as water, roads or snow. This glare distorts our vision in several ways, affecting depth perception, color perception and even causing temporary blindness in extreme cases.

In addition, polarized lenses have other advantages:

  • Increase visual clarity
  • Improve contrast
  • Reduce eye strain

Polarized lenses are now available on multiple styles for babies, toddlers and children.

What to Consider When Buying Baby Sunglasses?

Children who do not wear UV protected sunglasses are generally at high risk of eye damage because their eyelids and the skin around their eyes are delicate and more vulnerable than the skin of adults. In addition, ultraviolet damage builds up over time, so the sooner you start protecting your children's eyes from the sun, the less likely they will develop future eye problems.

It is advisable for toddlers to wear sunglasses not only on sunny days but also on an overcast day, as UV rays can still penetrate through the clouds and do their damage

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Here we have listed some points which you can consider when buying baby or children's sunglasses:

UVA / UVB Protection:

When purchasing sunglasses for your little one, make sure they are labelled UV400 and can block all of the harmful rays that can cause damage to the skin and eyes.

Quality Assurance:

High quality lenses will ensure the image is not blurry and the lens color is uniformed and consistent. These tests can help you purchase sunglasses that will properly protect your child's eyes and are not intended for styling only like toy sunglasses that provide no actual protection.

Reduce light:

Lenses should be able to block up to 75-85% of harmful light. If your child spends several days in water or snowy areas, consider polarized lenses, which eliminate glare.


Try to look for a flexible, scratch and impact-resistant frame that you can easily put on or take off over your child's eyes. Best look for the ones that come with an elastic band around the head to help hold the sunglasses in place.


Safety features are very important when choosing the right pair of sunglasses, but that doesn't mean you can't go for a fashionable cute pair. A baby in sunglasses is really cute, and you can easily find sunglasses of all shapes and styles to have fun with while also following the safety guidelines.

Prescription option:

Does your child wear glasses? Many toddler sunglasses are customizable - so you can easily swap out commercial lenses for a prescription with extra tint and full UV protection.

Want to protect your kids' eyes health?

According to the AAO, "A baby's retina is still developing after birth, and a baby doesn't begin to see light and dark until they are some weeks old. Their eye developing are so weak, in fact, they cannot properly handle the sun and harmful UV rays. A single day in the sun without protection can cause irreversible UV damage."

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So, if you want to protect your little one's eyes for the future, be sure to use UV400 protected sunglasses that offer 100% protection against the sun's harmful UV rays. If you practice good sun protection habits, even from early childhood, you can help your child have healthy eyesight throughout their life.

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